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Safety is our first priority when getting your group to their destination. We have earned one of the best safety and service ratings in New England.

To us, the safety and security of our passengers is fundamental to all that we do.

From well-trained drivers to factory-trained technicians, our employees follow our company policies, procedures, and programs to meet and exceed all federal, state and local regulations, including:

  • Routine vehicle inspections
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance
  • Certified driver training and testing
  • Enlisting the latest skills and technology initiatives to bolster passenger safety


With over a million miles of operational services driven per year, we know how critical it is to instill and maintain a company culture focused on customer safety.


For more information about safety ratings, please see our federal safety rating on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website to ensure that your transport is the safest choice.


TransAction Corporate Shuttles U.S. DOT# is 1366324.

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Our Team

Cindy President and Founder

Cindy is a proven performer in business development, strategic planning, operations and program management. She founded TransAction Associates in 1990 with a vision for responsive transportation service focused on individual customers’ unique requirements.

She has demonstrated her transportation expertise in creating a wide variety of state and nationally recognized programs, such as creating a state-wide job access service that became the national model; she currently serves as Principal-in-Charge for the National Rural Transportation Assistance Program; and she also established several regional Transportation Management Associations. With leadership centered on integrity, honesty and core values Cindy’s vision for success and passion for excellence remains as an inspiration to her Team.

Rob Vice President

Rob brings in over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry to the TransAction Team. He is recognized for his extensive local and regional expertise in traffic analysis, efficient route planning, and transportation program management. Rob was instrumental in establishing various local Transportation Management Associations, which have assisted corporate, non-profit and municipal transportation requirements in an effective, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Rob is responsible for all technical aspects of the National Rural Transit Administration Program (National RTAP), as well as the Project Manager for Emergency Shelter Programs for Massachusetts Housing and Community Development. He combines the science of transportation with the art of client service. Given his operational expertise and noted analytical skills, Rob can translate transportation data and operational planning into the carefree experience you can expect at TransAction.

Brad Director of Transportation

Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and 25 years of management experience to the TransAction Team. As General Foreman/Mechanical Division at Boston & Maine Railroad, operating the MBTA Commuter Rail, Brad is well aware of the need for attention to detail. Under his direction and training, our professional personnel provide on-time quality service, with the safety of our clients and staff as their primary goal.

Brad oversees all transportation personnel including our maintenance team to ensure all vehicle daily inspections and service are performed on a timely basis. Brad’s high energy, strong communication skills, daily operations experience, knowledge of state and federal compliance regulations, routing requirements, and emergency systems have created a culture of team work with common goals. Brad’s dedication to providing the highest level of safety is evident our safety ratings and his team’s commitment to quality service and customer care.

Lisa Director of Operations

Lisa’s 30 years as an industry leader encompasses all areas of operations and administration. As a key executive in the successful growth of a local mid-size transportation company, Lisa provides leadership, strategic direction, problem solving and organization skills crucial to operational success. Lisa’s ability to implement process changes while gaining full trust and support from team members is a testament to her strong leadership skills. As Director of Operations, Lisa is the key client contact to ensure all their needs are being met. She is responsible for contract review, route details, schedules and safety compliance. Lisa possesses a unique blend of business acumen, team-building, solution based management and strong operational leadership. She has a true commitment to excellence.

Denis Director of Business Development

Denis comes to TransAction after working for nearly 30 years for the largest parking and transportation company in the country as the Senior Manager of Transportation.  Denis was recognized as the national subject matter expert (SME) on all urban, institutional, corporate and municipal transportation. In this role, Denis was responsible for working with clients around the country on shuttle route design, vehicle acquisition and maintenance, and has an outstanding track record in regard to building successful transportation programs both large and small.


Locally his work included being the national account manager of a Fortune 500 company where he was responsible for running the national transportation, fleet, commuter services and parking programs, while also overseeing various other transportation programs in Massachusetts.  Denis has been able to provide first class results across the board based on his understanding of building strong relationships with clients, staff and vendors, as well as ensuring that constant lines of communication stay open with all.  Denis also sits on a number of state and regional boards and committees, and has built many relationships with both public and private transportation leaders throughout the state.

Jim Transit Supervisor

Jim has been providing in-field staff oversight and customer service for 30 years. Jim works closely with our vehicle operators providing routine check of policy and procedure adherence, proper signage for safety and documentation of daily activity as required. Jim has experience as both a manager and a driver. This experience and knowledge of all routes, transfer rules, fare structures and operating procedures allows for evaluation of daily schedules and recommendation of service modifications. Whether joining the team on the road or administering compliance standards, Jim’s goal is always to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff to be sure you’ll chose TransAction every time.

Shannon Transit Administrator

Shannon has over 20 years of experience in national dispatching and providing ongoing customer service training. Her attention to detail has played an important role in coordinating daily schedules for many of our clients.   She assists in all shuttle services and office operations. She is responsible for responding to phone and email inquiries from our passengers, dispatchers and drivers.

As a Transportation Coordinator, she is the liaison between customers and the office. Shannon strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships. Shannon’s preparation, customer follow-up and positive attitude is unwavering.

Trish Charter Coordinator

Trish Brings over 30 years of front line transportation support, and her duties range from insuring all drivers are licensed and certified to assisting with payroll, scheduling, and driver training.

Trish will most likely be the friendly and informative voice working with you to provide a first class Charter experience. Whether it is providing a quote, booking a reservation or working to help you customize your request, she will do her best to make it an enjoyable, memorable and stress free.  As our motto states: “Sit Back and Relax- We’ve Got This.”

Bill Dispatch

Having Worked in a dispatch/call center environment for over 20 years, Bill communicates and works with drivers on a day to day basis checking systems and monitoring road and traffic conditions.   Bill coordinates service actions between drivers and our fleet service staff. If a driver has a problem on a route, such as a mechanical concern or road closure, Bill determines an alternate route, sends another bus to pick up passengers, or calls our mechanic crew to make repairs.

He also manages our Wifi and GPS tracking systems by analyzing and reviewing data notifying management of any potential failures.

Through these efforts and his cool demeanor you can be assured that we are on the road operating safely and on time.

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Our Story

In 1990, Cindy Frené founded TransAction Corporate Shuttle’s parent company, TransAction Associates, to provide transportation solutions for businesses that now had commuter-related compliance reporting requirements. As the company expanded, TransAction’s solutions were well received. During this time, Cindy contracted with outside transportation vendors to provide shuttle service for her clients. She soon realized that these transportation vendors were not as committed to excellence.

In 1995, TransAction Corporate Shuttles was launched as a separate company, created to offer safe, reliable, scalable, sustainable transportation for private groups, non-profits, municipalities, and companies both small and large.

Today, TransAction Corporate Shuttle’s mission to provide transportation solutions through expertise and ingenuity lives on, as does the company’s goal to have passengers feel safe, and employees valued. Our team remains dedicated to providing outstanding transportation so you can …

Sit Back and Relax – We’ve Got This

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