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Parking, Transportation Challenges Met

There are so many ways that transportation to and from parking lots can be challenging. From construction projects to special events to issues relating to everyday peak commuter hours, large interruptions in traffic patterns can increase stress on employees, employers and event-goers alike.

At TransAction Corporate Shuttles, we design and coordinate the relocation of employees or large groups, in order to relieve congestion while improving worksite or event access.

Our solutions include

  • Offsite parking
  • Transporting between worksite events and predetermined offsite lot(s).

In our 20 years of experience, we have helped organizations achieve transportation solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. In some cases we’ve successfully relocated as many at 800 employees and other large groups. We’ve done this for clients like MathWorks, Staples Home Office, and the Veterans Administration.

We provide onsite coordinators and we establish rotating programs to successfully tailor our parking solutions. Additionally, we set up carpool programs that are supported by Emergency Ride Home initiatives. We create transit pass systems. We also staff our parking facilities with parking/security attendants.

On top of all that, we enlist our fleet of town cars, vans, and mid-size buses to transport groups during the hours that best meet their schedules.

Whether it is a parking garage renovation, a municipal roadwork project, or any other interruptive parking and commuting hassle, TransAction Corporate Shuttles has the systems, fleet, staff, and expertise to navigate and execute a plan of action to meet your unique needs.

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