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More Ways to Enjoy the Comforts of Home

March 26, 2018

According to an article in National Real Estate Investor Online, connection is the best amenity that an apartment complex can offer its tenants. Since more of us are living in apartments than in the past, offering some perks is a way to stand out in a competitive market.

Apartment dwellers are looking to live where they can connect with their neighbors and with local amenities, and tenants are 25% more likely to renew their lease if they have friends that live in same complex.

The lobbies of newer apartment buildings are no longer just a utilitarian space to pass through, they are being designed to be an inviting location that can host events where neighbors socialize. These new and improved spaces are also where property developers can house concierge services for their tenants to help them with their dry cleaning and package deliveries. Amenities like these help residents create a better work/life balance.

Many developers with apartment complexes in suburban locations are offering shuttle service to connect people with transit in order to compete for tenants with their urban counterparts. For those that don’t own cars, or those that do but don’t want to deal with the hassles associated with driving to work, the connection to transit can be a place to get back valuable time and reduce stress.

Ask your potential landlord what amenities they have to offer before you sign that lease and check www.transactionassoc.com to learn more about transportation options in your area.