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25yrs-blueWho We Are

TransAction Associates has been providing strategic consulting services focused on transportation solutions to non-profits, municipalities, and companies nationwide for 30 years. We are women-owned, founded and operated.


TransAction Associates works with companies subject to commuter-related compliance reporting requirements and all transportation demand issues. TransAction Associates is also the parent company of TransAction Corporate Shuttles, where we deliver the actual transportation solutions via safe, reliable, corporate and private charters.

Separate or combined, TransAction Associates and TransAction Corporate Shuttles both craft and execute cost-effective, eco-friendly, and complete operational solutions for companies and private groups both small and large.


Our experience includes designing, implementing, and managing transportation solutions to respond to your unique needs or service requirements.

At TransAction Associates, we are dedicated, honest, and reliable — and we deliver excellent solutions to every project and every client. We don’t just work with companies – we partner with them. From planning to leadership to execution, we create the most effective transportation solutions available. We also enlist the latest technology initiatives in surveying, analysis, application and web-based commuter program development, traffic mitigation programs, shuttle operations, and transit route planning.

Today we are proud of our:

  • 30 years of excellence in the transportation industry
  • Professional staff, dedicated to ensuring the best client experience
  • Strong, lasting relationship with our clients
  • Collaborative approach, achieving the highest level of results
  • Extensive knowledge of the industry and of reporting compliancy
  • Strong company culture, educated in the latest skills, technology, and transportation practices

With our time-tested processes, leadership, and partnerships, we are proud of our rich heritage, and excited for the years ahead.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a standard of excellence which conveys our core values of safety, dedication, honesty and integrity. We develop strong relationships with our clients and employees, and work collaboratively with them to achieve the best results. We build our business on doing the right thing, safely and consistently.

Our Leadership

Cindy Frené President

Cindy Frené, President: Cindy founded TransAction Associates in 1990 and has extensive hands-on experience in developing and managing a primary business and affiliates, products (including a patented lottery game), and staff. She has extensive experience in organizing large-scale employee surveys, on-site commuter programs, and establishing seven Transportation Management Associations (TMAs). Cindy was responsible for developing the model and implementation plan for the national award-winning Massachusetts Access to Jobs initiative, writing legislative reports, developing the marketing materials to support the initiative, and establishing a statewide Emergency Ride Home program. She currently serves as the Principal-in-Charge for the Federal Transit Administration’s National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP).

With her knowledge of the transportation field specializing in public/private partnerships, access and mobility analysis, parking and commuter services, grant management, and TMA program administration, she brings to the company her entrepreneurial skills in conceptualization, implementation, and management. She has been a presenter at numerous regional and national conferences, including the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT); the Federal Transit Administration; Community Transportation of America; and the American Planning Association.

Rob Tassinari Vice President

Rob Tassinari, Vice President: Rob first joined TransAction in 1998 as the project manager for the Access to Jobs initiative and was promoted to Vice President and co-owner in 2002. Rob was responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day activities of 14 Transportation Coordinators who provided transportation services to transitioning welfare recipients in 13 Regional Transit Authority and MBTA regions; training of the TCs; fiscal oversight of a $5 million budget and reporting; marketing and outreach; and, coordination with other Welfare to Work efforts in the state.

Rob is currently responsible for the data collection and report preparation for the firm’s Rideshare Regulation and City of Cambridge PTDM reports. He is also the Senior Technical Advisor to the FTA National RTAP and oversees the statewide Transportation Program for Homeless Families for the Commonwealth’s Department of Transitional Assistance.

Prior to joining TransAction Associates, Rob served as the Director of the Logan Airport Transportation Management Association where he was responsible for the human, fiscal, and other resources in the implementation and operation of this private non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation. Rob has nearly 20 years of experience in management of private shuttle bus services and implementation of transportation system management programs as well.

Our Story

Founded in 1990, TransAction Associates has been providing consulting services to non-profits, municipalities, and companies across Massachusetts, New York, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire for nearly 30 years. We are a nationally certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).  And our mission is to deliver a standard of excellence to every project that conveys our core values of dedication, honesty and integrity.

At TransAction, we build strong relationships with our clients and work collaboratively with them to achieve the best results. The quality of our work and dedication of our staff have been the basis of our excellent reputation. We provide the latest skills and technology in surveying, data analysis, and commuter programs, as well as expertise in Transportation Demand Management, marketing, shuttle services, and transit planning.

Today, we continue to deliver scalable, sustainable, safe, and reliably low-cost/high-impact results to our clients—and we’re ready to do the same for you!

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