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Strategic Thinking, Planning

Data Analysis

TransAction Associates has Transportation Strategists and Data Analysts who will develop for your organization the specific plans and approach needed.


The Data Analysis step includes:

  • Determining Mode Split
  • Investigating SOV Trip Reduction Options
  • Measuring Interest in Commuting Alternatives

These elements will play a large role in framing the final report for your organization.

Compliance Reporting

TransAction Associates provides full-service solutions for businesses with transportation-related compliance reporting requirements. We are your partner in compliance. Our time-tested processes and well-trained staff are the backbone of every sustainable, scalable, and effective transportation solution we deliver. Our full-compliance strategies and methods include detailed reports which we research, complete and submit on your behalf, saving you the time and expense of creating it yourself.

Reports and Plans

TransAction Associates provides the following:

  • MassDEP Rideshare Reports and Rideshare Compliance Reports
  • City of Cambridge MA Parking and Transportation Demand Management (PTDM) Plans and Update Reports
  • City of Boston Transportation Access Plan Agreement (TAPA) Reports
  • TDM Plans
  • Feasibility Studies (Shuttles, TMA, TDM)

Analysis to Full Report

TransAction Associates produces analytical DEP reports on behalf of our clients. These reports are filed each year to ensure compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) laws and regulations.

In many cases, the data collected during the surveys provide the basis for the design of Commuter Options Programs at the work site. This then encourages the use of alternatives to driving alone. With many years of compliance experience behind us, we complete the task for you efficiently and in expert fashion.