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Liaison ∙ Partnership ∙ Benefits

TransAction Associates has a rich history of providing guidance and expertise on implementing and managing commuter services and incentive programs.

Commuter Outreach ∙ On-site and Off-site Programs

Our programs and services help your employees reduce the overall expenses associated with your employees commute to work. Using survey-gathered data, our programs can help:

  • Lower employee stress levels
  • Improve time management/absenteeism issues
  • Assist in recruiting efforts
  • Decrease transportation-related emission discharge and excess fuel consumption

On-site Commuter Benefit Programs

As the first consulting firm in Massachusetts to specialize in the design and implementation of on-site employer commuting programs, our results have consistently empowered employers and employees alike. Today, we continue to craft unique programs to fit the culture, needs, and budgets of our clients.

Off-site Expertise and Partnership

Our eco-friendly commuter benefit programs go beyond just carpooling. Even when we’re off-site, we:

  • Analyze, customize and implement every aspect of a program
  • Ensure government compliance
  • Recommend low-cost/high-impact employee commuter benefits
  • Strive to reduce transportation-related environmental degradation


Our Transportation Coordinators (TCs) are further able to assist you and your employees in the following ways:


Transportation events are the most prominent outreach efforts for TransAction Associates and its clients. Our Transportation Coordinators conduct events in order to:

  • Heighten employee awareness of commuter alternatives
  • Promote environmental stewardship via shared transportation solutions
  • Arrange for online events, web postings and incentives for participation


Every year, more employees are discovering the benefits of biking to work, and are willing to participate in this heart-healthy, community-building national event. Join hundreds of others in kicking-off a healthy summer by biking to work. Click here to find a bike partner!


As an employee, you may need help mapping out your commute using public transportation, or by finding a carpool partner. Our Transportation Coordinators are happy to discuss all commuting options, and assist in finding a ridematch partners for the employees of its clients.


TransAction’s Transportation Coordinators will work with employees to establish vanpools. Vanpools consist of groups of employees who share the same schedule and cost of commuting together in a leased, third-party van. Click here to join a Vanpool in your area!


Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a commuter incentive program designed for those who carpool or vanpool to work. In the event of an emergency, employees generally have access to a car or a taxi within 30 minutes. To create your Emergency Ride Home profile click here.


One employer incentive for those carpooling and vanpooling is the potential for your employer to provide preferential parking, strategically located closest to the entrance of your worksite. TransAction Associates works with employers to provide and manage this incentive to those that chose alternative transportation. We manage many of these programs and spaces for a number of employers.