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What We Do

Transportation Consulting

For clients in the public and private sectors. Cutting-edge technologies for strategic planning. Innovative training programs, resources and technical assistance to federal, state and local clients to develop effective transit services.

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Commuter Programs

Experts in all aspects of program management for businesses, providing low-cost and high-impact employee benefits. We reduce your transportation-related environmental degradation to make you fully compliant.

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Compliance Strategies

For businesses with transportation-related regulatory reporting requirements. Full-service solutions backed by over two decades of experience. We use the latest technologies, custom surveying processes and data analysis.

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Transit Planning

Reduce company/employee stress, environmental impacts, operational deficiencies. We analyze needs and implement high-quality fixed-route solutions. Customized programs to meet the demands of businesses and employees.

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Who We Work With

  • Companies

    Trip-reduction Regulations ∙ Improve Employee Benefits ∙ Worksite Access ∙ Parking Issues ∙ Commuter Solutions ∙ Reporting & Analysis

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  • Commercial Developers

    Design Traffic Mitigation ∙ Cost-effective Measures ∙ Site-specific Incentives ∙ Transit Planning for Complex Environments

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  • Municipalities

    Assistance programs ∙ Emergency Shelter Transportation ∙ Mobility Assistance ∙ Dispatching ∙ Traffic Congestion Relief

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  • Institutions, Educational & Medical Facilities

    Private & Public Higher Education & Health Facilities ∙ Campus Shuttle Services ∙ Regulatory Compliance ∙ Special Events

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  • State and Federal Government Agencies

    Innovative Strategies ∙ Program Management ∙ Staffing ∙ Resources ∙ Training ∙ Technology ∙ Transitional Assistance Dispatching

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  • Non-Profits

    Identify Key Stakeholders ∙ Create TMAs to Improve Transit Options ∙ Manage & Provide Transportation for Major Athletic Events

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Who We Are

Women-owned, founded, and operated, TransAction Associates provides strategic consulting services and transportation solutions focusing on commuter-related compliance reporting requirements.

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